How to Layer Fragrances Like a Pro

These days taking care of your beard could be considered a fine art. Just like a beautiful car, once you’ve got it, you need to maintain it, clean it, care for it and keep it in the very best condition. Having a beard is no different!

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Whether short and stubbly, long and styled, beards appear in all manner of ways. Nobody wants a beard that is dry and uncomfortable. Washing the face daily can have this effect, the water can dry out the skin and ultimately strip your beard of essential oils.

Having a product to replace these oils and condition the hair is essential in maintaining the look and feel of your beard. Beard Oil is an amazing product to do just this. It's packed full of conditioning essential oils to not only nourish the hair but also the facial skin, which can be the difference between a scratchy dry face full of hair and a smooth, well-conditioned beard no women is going to shy away from!

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The best time to apply Beard Oil is after showering, once it’s soaked in and you’re ready to apply your cologne. Most men probably won’t think about how to apply their fragrance, but the best approach is to use just a few sprays in the direction of your neck and wrists.

If you want to achieve a long-lasting scent, investing in the same fragrance of Beard Oil to Cologne is a really important tip in the art of layering scent. Not only does it ensure a complimentary aroma but it also provides a longer lasting fragrance.