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Make Your Bathroom a Barbershop

by Patrick Bell on

Have you ever been sat in a barbershop, and the person doing your hair just nails it? And as they work their magic, you’re sat there thinking how the heck did they do that?

Well, I guess it’s worth pointing out that they’ve trained as a barber so if you’ve done your homework and gone to a decent barber joint, their ability shouldn’t really come as a surprise. That said, the products they use will have something to do with the end results.

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Our advice to you would be to give yourself a fighting chance and invest in quality hair products, turning your bathroom into a barbershop so you can keep up appearances post-haircut.

So, what essentials does a contemporary gent keep in their bathroom cabinet in order for them to be able to call it a barbershop?

Hair Clay

This product just screams versatility, working with all different hair types and adding texture and definition. It’s ideal for those seeking a matte, thicker finish to their barnet and is especially good if you have medium length hair. Run your fingers through your lid with confidence after styling with this…

Hair Pomade

You know when you get that hairstyle you just love, and you don’t want one single strand to move out of place; it’s like perfect? Well, this product allows you to do that but also ensures you maintain a natural look. What’s even better is that it’s easy to wash out, so you can wake up with fresh feeling hair…

Wash, Sleep, Pomade, Repeat.

Sea Salt Spray

If there’s one thing that Lucie from Love Island has done for us blokes (apart from making us want to marry her) it’s confirming the surfer look is still craved by some girls out there. What’s the best way to achieve this look I hear you cry? Well, you really have to invest in sea salt spray as it does exactly what it does on the tin…Gives to your hair the same effect as the salty sea. A.K.A. a wavy, textured look.

Surf’s up, dude.

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Beard Shampoo

This may come as a surprise to you but you’re going to need to be able to grow facial hair to justify having this one in your homemade barbershop… However, if you can grow a decent beard then this is an essential. It’s a product I can almost guarantee your barber will use on you before they’ve shaped your beard exquisitely as if they were a specialist in topiary art.

Beard Shampoo. Yes, it’s a thing and yes, it’s an essential. In essence, it softens the hairs and cleanses the beard to prevent any irritation and coarse bristles. Now run your hands through your beard and tell me it doesn’t feel amazing.

There you have it; bathroom to barbershop in four essential products.

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