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Skincare for Summer Social

by Patrick Bell on

Let’s kick off with a throwback to a time before the days of social media, video games and modern-day technology. If you were like me, you’d have spent most of your childhood with muddy fingernails, and I’d argue I bathed more in mud than I did in the tub. When it came to meal times or any social occasion, my mother would ensure I’d always washed my face and hands and boy am I glad she did!

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I soon realised personal hygiene was extremely important. I mean, when it comes to most social situations, people will judge you within the first 3-10 seconds of meeting you and if you’ve got paws and a dirty face, no one is going to linger near you for very long.

Now, I think we all know how to wash our hands = soap and water and perhaps a nail brush.

However, washing one’s face is overlooked by many chaps in this day and age and I’m here to stress that you take care of the ‘money-maker.’

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So that you’re armed and ready for the summer social season, here’s a three-step process to ensure your face is clean and skin is primed!

1. Charcoal Face Mask

Firstly, to all the ‘blokes’ out there who are hard as nails and turn their nose up at face masks. Don’t. They’re a brilliant way to cleanse your face and you can do it in a very relaxed environment. This face mask deep cleans and detoxes pores drawing out impurities in the skin and in essence is a therapeutic and relaxing alternative to scrubbing your face like mad for ages.

This is suitable for all skin types and to use simply massage the mask into warm cleansed skin and leave for 10-15 minutes. Once it has set, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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2. Face Wash

Our face wash is enriched with organic Aloe Vera that gently cleanses the surface oil and impurities from your skin, while leaving the face hydrated and rejuvenated. This product should be the starting point to your morning (maybe after you’ve made yourself an espresso) – it’ll leaving you refreshed and ready to smash the day ahead.

3. Hydrating Facial Cream

Let’s be serious, when you’re attending summer social after summer social, your poor skin can take a beating due to the countless alcoholic drinks and courses of oily food. This final piece of the puzzle locks in all the natural moisture of the skin while also hydrating, protecting and nourishing with its lightweight formula; just what the doctor ordered (for your skin).

So, there you have it; a simple but extremely effective skincare routine that’ll help you live life to the full this summer.

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