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The Night Before the Morning After: How to Prepare Your Face for a Date

by Patrick Bell on

How does that age-old saying go? ‘Fail to prepare; prepare to fail?’ It’s as true with dating as it is with anything else in life.

If you go into a date well prepared with a well thought out outfit, sunny disposition, and a little self-confidence, you’re entering the datingsphere with all the attributes to succeed. Contrastingly, if you head in with a lackadaisical pre-match game, you can only blame yourself when she uses her pre-planned ‘Emergency call.’ And you can’t be annoyed because that’s just effective preparation.

One area where many gents seem to fall at the first is with a simple pre-date grooming routine that ensures they're feeling and looking fresh-faced and ready to flirt. Dates are difficult enough with the pressures of modern-day society (venue, drink, who pays, etc.) so the best thing you can do is control the controllable's and ensure you’re the best version of yourself when she casts her eyes upon you.

So, what can you do the night before or the immediate hours before a date to ensure you’ve got your game face on?

Refresh Your Skin

It may be unknown to many of you but your skin takes a beating every day and it’s vitally important that you look after it and keep it refreshed, especially ahead of a date. A Charcoal Face Mask the night before is a brilliant way of re-invigorating your skin, offering your pores a natural detox and drawing out the impurities from your face.

Not only will your skin look healthier, but you’ll also feel better for it so it’s a win-win!


Let’s face it... dry skin isn’t attractive. It’s an unfortunate area where many blokes fall down due to their face simply not receiving enough moisture. The last thing you want to be doing on a date is shedding skin.

Apply Hydrating Facial Cream in the hours before a date in order to lock in all the natural moisture in your skin while also hydrating, protecting and nourishing it. A welcome alternative to flaking we’d say.

Signature Scent

It’s a well-known fact that three common areas people are judged on are their shoes, teeth, and scent. The first step to a strong scent is to wash. Try to wash as close to the date as possible so that you feel revitalised and ready to go. This may sound obvious but trust us when we say that it isn’t obvious for many chaps!

When it comes to cologne, Signature is a fantastic option. It’s a subtle and long-lasting scent which remains active and fragrant for the long haul (hopefully like your date), allowing your presence to make an impact that lasts and lasts.

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When applying, try to do it as close to leaving the shower as possible, as your pores are still open and the scent will embed more deeply in your skin. Three sprays are enough–you want to tease their senses, not overpower them.

A few final tips:

  • Don’t forget to wash your hands, cleaning your fingernails and palms
  • Trim all facial hair – rogue nose hairs or unkempt eyebrows aren’t a good look
  • Take 30 seconds to do your hair and then leave it. The more you play with your hair, trying to achieve the perfect style, the greasier and dirtier it will get. Nail it quickly and then walk away…

Finally, Good Luck!

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