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Travel 101: The Hand Luggage Grooming Essentials

by Patrick Bell on

We’d guess you’ve all had at least one bad experience during the pandemonium known as airport security where everyone is frantically patting down their pockets, removing their belts, shoes, and jewelry; and popping their toiletries into the clear bags, kindly provided by the airport at the cost of £1. It’s at this point you realise you hadn’t thought ahead and considered the under 100ml rule.

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What makes matters worse is when the airport security staff appear to get a kick out of you waving goodbye to all those lovely products that have become essentials in your daily routine. Ultimately, a trip to an overpriced pharmacy is on the cards whilst your mates hit the bar. Not a good start to the holiday.

So, in order that you don’t have to suffer the pain or embarrassment of the above scenario again, here’s our list of hand luggage essentials for when you go away.

Tea Tree Travel Shampoo

When on holiday, your hair can take a battering if you’re constantly in and out of the sea/pool, so it’s important that you look after it and keep it healthy. This shampoo is ideal for all hair types, especially those with sensitive scalps and dry skin, both of which can be inflicted by the sun. Tea Tree Essential Oils treats dandruff, dry scalps, and unclogs hair follicles to refresh and invigorate the scalp. It's definitely worth packing in the wash bag.

Travel Sea Salt Spray

For young gents, holidays are usually centred around beach clubs, poolside chilling, and overpriced Aperol Spritz–not frolicking around on the beach as you did on family holidays. Of course, that means you miss out on the natural salts of the sea which can give your hair amazing texture, volume, and natural wave (if you’ll pardon the pun).

Thus, sea salt spray is a travel essential as it creates a messy undone look, adding volume, texture, and control on any hair type. What’s more, a strongly textured lid, epic tan, and a crisp white shirt is a great combination come sundown on a holiday.

Argan Oil Beard Shampoo

One of the big sufferers in any extreme climates is your skin–whether the temperature is hot or cold, your skin can dry out, especially if you have a decent batch of facial hair. Keep your beard clean and moisturised with beard shampoo made with real argan oil to soften the hairs and cleanse the beard. This will prevent any irritation and uncomfortable bristles.

You wouldn’t leave your beard unkempt for a week at home, so why on earth would you give it the cold shoulder on holiday. Another certain holiday essential.

So next time you’re going on holiday, make sure you think ahead when it comes to packing and ensure you’ve got these three products in your see-through bag. Who’s laughing now, airport security?

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