• How to Layer Fragrances Like a Pro

    How to Layer Fragrances Like a Pro
    Whether short and stubbly, long and styled, beards appear in all manner of ways. Nobody wants a beard that is dry and uncomfortable. Washing the face daily can have this effect, the water can dry out the skin and ultimately strip your beard of essential oils.
  • The Truth Behind the Eyes

    The Truth Behind the Eyes
    Eyes tend to be an area of the face that men often complain about but seldom do anything to change. Dark circles, puffiness, large bags, a glazed overlay – these are just some of the issues we face with our eyes on a day to day basis. Here are some tips to help.
  • Skincare for Summer Social

    Skincare for Summer Social
    When it comes to most social situations, people will judge you within the first 3-10 seconds of meeting you and if you’ve got paws and a dirty face, no one is going to linger near you for very long. Here’s a three-step process to ensure your face is clean and skin is primed!
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